Does Meladerm Work For Melasma? Find Out Here

does meladerm workWhen you are troubled with a condition such as melasma and you want it gone yesterday, then finding a solution is very important. You may be wondering “does Meladerm work? And will it work for Melasma?” if so we are going let you know for sure in this article. This may be the melasma cream you have been searching for.

What Is Melasma?

But first, lets learn exactly what melasma is and what causes it in the first place. Melasma is a darkening of the skin caused by an over abundance of melonin. There are different things that can cause this to happen. The sun for one. Too much sun can cause damage to the skin and lead to these dark patches later on in life. No one is really sure what causes it.

Birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy & progesterone are just some of the believed causes. If you have a family history of melasma, your race, certain seizure medications, and also other meds that have a tendency to make the skin more prone to darkening in pigmentation after exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light.

Mainly the uncontrolled exposure to sunlight is looked at as the leading cause of melasma.  This is especially true in people with a genetic predisposition to this condition. Studies have also shown that people usually get melasma during the summer months. This is when the sun is most powerful. And in the winter, the hyperpigmentation in melasma tends to fade a little and becomes less visible.

Melasma will appear as ‘dirty’ looking patches on your cheeks, forehead and upper lip. The patches usually develop very slowly over time. It is thought that the sun can even make it worse over time..

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Pregnancy is a time when progesterone, estrogen, and the melanocyte-stimulating hormone are increased. This is especially happening in the second & third trimesters. This is usually when chloasma or the mask of pregnancy can really become noticeable.

We are inclined to think that this is caused by the progesterone that has increased. One reason to believe that it is hormone related is  that this is also common in women that have gone through menopause and are taking progesterone.

Some skin care products, serums or ointments that can irritate the skin have also been shown to increase the chance of melasma dramatically. Also, if melasma seems to run in your family then you need to be taking precautions. Applying sunblock is very important! This will decrease your chances of developing the dark brown spots on your face.

So, Does Meladerm Work For Melasma?

Recent reviews are very positive. Most individuals who have tried Meladerm for melasma are usually pleased with the results. Here are just a couple of reviews we found on the official Civant Skin Care’s (makers of Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream)  website – these will help you better understand…

Suzy~I was desperate for treatment for my melasma until I found Meladerm.

I am grateful that I found Meladerm after over 10 years of finding the right treatment for my melasma. I tried every skin treatment possible, from a series of chemical peels to IPL treatments and eventually, Fraxel laser. I went to several aestheticians and at one time, even drove regulary to a clinic that was 100 miles away from me.

I have not used anything as effective as Meladerm. I saw my melasma lighten up after 3 weeks of using it. I love the product– no foul scent and very gentle on my skin. Thank you so much for bringing it to women like me who became hopeless for something that is inexpensive and effective. I spend less on concealers and foundation and my confidence is back.

Michelle~Pretty bad melasma

The first time I got melasma was while using birth control pills. At that time I used hydroquinone that resolve minimally my problem. After that I used everything I could find to treat the dark spots on my cheekbones and above my upper lip without any positive results.

Two years ago I got pregnant and the dark spots were even darker and it affected my self confidence very much. It was until four months ago I found these products and decided to take a chance and bought them. I began using them two months ago and the change has been dramatically.

The spots are not gone completely, but reduce so much that now I am able to go out without make up and not be self aware of the spots. Even my husband noticed the difference after only three weeks of using them. I really love these products, specially that are basically natural without harsh chemicals and is very gentle on my skin.

Also it smells pretty good and is not greasy, even my blemishes are in control. I will continue to use them and hopefully they will be completely gone in a couple of months. Will come back with photos to prove it. Thank you for bringing me back my confidence!

Does Meladerm Work For Other Kinds Of Hyperpigmentation?

This product was created in order to address all kinds of hyperpigmentation issues. Freckles, dark spots, acne scars and to help with overall evening out of uneven skin tone. It has proven effective indoes meladerm work for melasma treating all kinds of pigmentation problems. All this without any real side effects.

But, it has been found especially effective in dealing with melasma and fading it substantially. But, it is good to remember that it will work differently for everyone. Some see a difference in as little as 2 weeks. Where others don’t notice a difference for a month. So, really noticing a difference will be obviously different for everyone.

Does Meladerm Work For All Skin Types?

Meladerm is effective on melasma for all skin types. Whether you have black, white or asian skin you can benefit from the natural, active ingredients ( such as kojic acid) in this product.

Melasma? – What Now?

If you are wanting to give a natural skin lightening cream a try then Meladerm is a perfect place to start. You will want to make sure you buy Meladerm from the official website so that you are able to qualify for the 30 day money back guarantee. You can’t find it in any store anyway.

So, Does Meladerm work? The answer is definitely yes! But, will it work for you and your melasma? Only trying it will tell you for sure. Everyone is different. But for me the reviews and science behind this brand really tell the tale.

I am confident that by performing a good skin care routine, while adding in Meladerm, can really make a difference in your appearance. You are not long away from a beautiful & younger looking skin tone :)

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