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hyperpigmentation treatment

If you have some darkened skin or an uneven skin tone you may be looking for a reliable hyperpigmentation treatment.

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which areas of your skin will become exceedingly darker than the surrounding areas. This is due to an increase in melanin, the substance that gives us all our particular skin color, causing a discoloration to occur. Hyperpigmentation is caused by a variety of factors which includes, but is not limited to, acne vulgaris, skin injuries, inflammation of the skin and also damage from the sun. If you are a person with dark or black skin, here are a few treatment options that you might want to consider.

What Is Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation not only affects your skin, but can also affect your nails. Melanin, a pigment that is naturally formed in the body that gives us the color of our eyes, hair and skin, is excessively produced causing the color change in these areas. Melanin is actually the result of the oxidation of an amino acid by the name of tyrosine. It creates melanocytes which lead to the pigment that is referred to as melanin.

Once it begins to overproduce, hyperpigmentation will occur. There are many causes for hyperpigmentation, as well as many different ways to go about treating hyperpigmentation. These can be specific for those that have both light and dark skin.

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Causes Of Hyperpigmentation

This condition is actually worsened or caused by several factors, one of which is disease. If you are suffering from Addison’s disease which affects your adrenal production, Cushing’s disease, melasma or even celiac disease which occurs within your intestinal tract, hyperpigmentation may manifest. This condition can affect people of all ethnicity, regardless of gender or age.

The causes are actually divided into three separate areas including PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigines and melasma.

PIH ~ usually results because of an injury including friction, burns, or some type of skin injury.

Lentigines ~ are the age spots that you often see on people beyond retirement age, and are typically caused by too much exposure to UV light.

Finally, melasma ~ is based upon hormonal fluctuations that will occur when using hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, or even during pregnancy. Once the hormones are back in balance, however, the spots typically dissipate. Now that you know all of the possible causes, let’s look at treatment options, especially those that can help people with dark or black skin.

How To Treat Hyperpigmentation With Cream

There are actually several different treatment for hyperpigmentation options for those that are suffering from hyperpigmentation, some of which are available at your local store, and others that you must get a prescription for, or perhaps a special treatment, treating hyperpigmentation administered by your doctor. One of the most commonly used treatments for hyperpigmentation is the use of a product called meladerm.

Meladerm hyperpigmentation treatment cream is a skin lightening product that is used to treat scars, dark spots and also hyperpigmentation in your skin. You can actually notice results in as little as 2 weeks depending upon the size of the scar or spot that the cream is applied on, and also how dark this area actually is.

Unlike other products that are available on the market, it does not contain any irritating or harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, one of the most dangerous skin lighteners on the market today. If topical solutions are what you are looking for, Meladerm is your best choice. Other solutions include the use of pulsing lasers that are administered by highly skilled dermatologists.

These types of laser procedures have been made over the last few years, and are actually capable of removing small spots to large scars with a high amount of success. Effectively, the lasers actually target the darker areas, effectively stopping the production of pigmentation. After a few treatments, you’ll start to notice a dramatic difference in how noticeable the dark spots on your skin actually are. These are usually expensive.

For people that have darker skin, or black skin, there is actually a very useful way to treat hyperpigmentation that is very effective that is called niacinamide. Let’s take a look at what thisĀ  treatment for hyperpigmentation is, and why it might work for you.

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Hyperpigmentation Treatment For Black Skin & Beyond

how to treat hyperpigmentationAs we mentioned one of the popular treatments for black skin is called niacinamide. Also known as nicotinic amide. It is derived from niacin, commonly referred to as vitamin B3. What this substance is able to do is actually prevent the conversion of melanin into keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are the cells that are primarily used on the uppermost layer of our skin.

If melanin cannot make its way to the surface layer of our skin, the discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation will not occur. This is one of the best things that people can use if they have darker or black skin because it prevents the problem from occurring altogether. This is why a product that contains vitamin B3 is so effective.

Now that you have a better understanding of what hyperpigmentation is, what can cause it, and how you can treat this condition, you should be able to talk to your doctor about a prescription or treatment using niacinamide, or use supplements such as vitamin B3, so that you can effectively tackle this problem. Treating hyperpigmentation naturally is a great option to try out first.

If you can avoid injuries to the skin, and keep away from significant amounts of UV radiation from the sun then you don’t have to worry. Yes, prevention most certainly is the best way to avoid hyperpigmentation altogether. However, life happens and if you do have this problem, you have a choice of using hyperpigmentation creams, laser treatments, and/or niacinamide to effectively tackle this problem. Your skin can look balanced and clear once again using effective hyperpigmentation treatment options.

Niacinamide is an effective skin lightening compound. But by treating hyperpigmentation with this ingredient, it will ultimately work best when combined with other skin lightening ingredients.

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